Federal Courts Just Deleted Biden’s Legacy – They Boost Trump And Eliminate Joe’s Attempts To End Immigration Rules

With Joe Biden asleep at the wheel, it falls to the states and courts to defend our Constitution.

We know that Biden will do whatever he can to push socialism and other parts of his radical agenda.

So, conservative-run states have fought back. Texas and Louisiana (to name just two) have sued the Biden administration over its far-left policies.

They staged a battle over one major issue: the border.

And federal judges have repeatedly tore up Biden’s scheme.

From The Hill:

A U.S. District Court Judge last week issued a preliminary injunction against the Biden… an attempt to force the administration to comply with the mandatory detention provisions in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)…

The federal courts thus far have rejected Biden’s attempt to pause deportations for 100 days, his defense of the DACA program, his termination of the Remain in Mexico program, and now his attempt to end mandatory detention for criminal aliens.

At this point, there isn’t much left of the Biden plan.

A federal judge recently ruled against Biden’s attempts to defy the Immigration and Nationality Act.

The law requires the federal government to detain criminal aliens. Biden claims he was not obligated to detain these dangerous felons, because the law used the word “shall,” not “must.”

Now there’s a bogus argument if I ever saw one.

Did Biden really want to set free criminal aliens? We’re not talking about moms and dads. We’re talking about people who broke the law and deserve to be deported.

Biden did want to detain those people, allowing them to run free.

This is one of many rulings from federal courts that have dismantled Biden’s radical immigration plan.

Which was, basically, doing the opposite of what Trump did.

Courts have ruled against Biden’s deportation freeze, his attempts to protect DACA, and his ending of the Remain in Mexico program.

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This should mean that, eventually, the border crisis will subside. But that yet remains to be seen.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants have bombarded our border this year. It will take considerable work (and perhaps more court rulings) to ensure that the border is brought under control.

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