Federal Judge Rules Against President Biden – 13 States Beat Joe In Lawsuit Alleging “Unconstitutional” Tax Restrictions

For much of 2021, Republican leaders have accused the Biden administration of violating personal rights and the Constitution. Above all else, this involves the controversial pandemic restrictions.

But it goes beyond the vaccine mandates and other guidelines. There have been other issues related to Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill that continue to come under fire.

And 13 GOP-led states just won a lawsuit against one of those issues.

Many right-wing politicians and citizens have pushed back against Biden’s sweeping pandemic-related mandates. The President’s relief bill also features plenty of items related to federal funding.

One of these features said that relief cash can’t be used to offset tax cuts or credits, “directly or indirectly.”

In response to this, 13 states argued in court that the rule “violates the Constitution’s spending clause of the 10th amendment.” Other states also filed suit, making the same argument.

And now, the judge has ruled: the states are victorious.

Via Washington Examiner:

A group of Republican-led states emerged victorious in their lawsuit alleging that a provision in President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill limiting state tax cuts is unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge L. Scott Coogler of the Northern District of Alabama issued an injunction against Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and in favor of more than a dozen states that enjoins her from enforcing the section of Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act, enacted in March.

Judge Coogler agreed with the plaintiffs’ argument, deciding that the Tax Mandate doesn’t allow states to “make an informed choice” about the costs of receiving ARPA funds.

He also ruled that the money in question is an interchangeable asset, and it just wouldn’t be possible to tell the difference between funds that were and weren’t used to offset tax cuts.

The 13 states included Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Montana, Oklahoma, and South Dakota, among others.

Many Republican leaders applauded the judge’s decision, especially Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds:

This is a major victory for the State of Iowa and Iowa taxpayers.

The Biden Administration was trying to punish fiscally responsible states like Iowa, which has a record budget surplus, and that’s why we took legal action.

With this ruling, Biden’s Administration can’t keep us from cutting taxes and I look forward to doing just that.

It seems Joe’s bill has a few problems. This goes double when talking about clarity.

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Another lawsuit was one in Ohio, when a federal judge ruled the mandate “falls short of clarity,” and it’s a common complaint among Republicans.

Of course, the biggest issue today is the question of Biden’s mandate that says all businesses with over 100 employees must enforce vaccinations. However, it’s clear the bill includes other major stumbling blocks.

And so long as the pandemic restrictions are in place, expect multiple leaders and politicos to push back against them.

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