Federal Judge Stops Joe In His Tracks – Major Decision Says Joe’s Border Rule Violated Congressional Mandates

For most of 2021, the southern border situation has taken center-stage in Washington D.C. And it’s a commonly debated topic among journalists and citizens as well.

Many say the Biden administration has been far too lenient in their approach, which has led to historic migrant surges. Republican leaders also accuse Biden of major violations.

Now, a federal judge agrees — the Biden administration has violated at least one policy.

When Biden first entered office, he immediately began reversing many Trump-era policies concerning the border.

Critics said this would invariably lead to fresh surges, which could become unsustainable and even dangerous. And the ensuing numbers – overall encounters have skyrocketed – seem to support this concern.

That’s why Republican leaders and border state officials have leveled numerous lawsuits at the administration.

And in one case, brought to court by Louisiana and Texas, the judge has ruled that Biden definitely stepped over the line. As a result, the court has thrown down a preliminary injunction.

From Fox News:

A federal judge on Thursday imposed a preliminary injunction on the Biden administration’s rules for Immigration and Customs enforcement (ICE) officers  that significantly narrowed the categories of illegal immigrants being targeted for arrest and deportation…

Judge Drew Tipton made it plain: the President’s policy was in violation of congressional mandates.

The guidance in question came down in February.

At that time, the Biden administration forced ICE agents to focus on three categories of foreign travelers: those who are a threat to national security, those who crossed the border since Nov. 1, and those who committed “aggravated felonies.”

In defense of the order, officials claimed the rule doesn’t prevent anyone from being arrested or deported. It just narrowed ICE’s focus.

However, there were many vocal critics, who cited a quick decline in arrests and deportations. Republicans swooped in, saying the administration was just gimping ICE’s authority.

In addition to the lawsuit brought by Louisiana and Texas, Montana and Arizona jumped in with another legal action.

Texas and Louisiana argued that limiting arrests would also have a negative financial impact, and it would dramatically increase detention and health care costs overall.

On top of that, they said it would hinder their ability to protect U.S. citizens from criminal foreigners. This latter point is a serious concern for millions of Americans, it appears.

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Lastly, the states claimed that by focusing on certain criminals, this is a breach of congressional mandates that order the detention of all criminal migrants.

The judge agreed completely, and said:

…the guidance and the harm suffered by the states is ‘virtually unassailable’ and that ‘the undisputed evidence demonstrates that the memoranda are already causing a dramatic increase in the volume of criminal aliens released into the public.’

Republicans are already calling this a significant victory. And so are the many right-wing citizens who believe Biden’s border policies have been counterproductive, and even dangerous.

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