First Lady Jill Biden Slips Up Introducing Kamala – Then Claims She Called Harris President “Just To Make You Laugh”

As Biden’s approval tanks and Americans demand answers, it doesn’t seem like this administration has it all together. His top officials continue to fail, from the State Department to his press team. The administration’s agenda has already failed and they don’t seem to have a game plan.

This is all thanks to Sleepy Joe, whose apparent mental frailty causes him to lurch from one bad more to another. But Joe’s not the only person in the administration resigned to gaffes, unforced errors, and overall confusion. Because his gal Jill is just as bad.

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From Breitbart:

First Lady Jill Biden stumbled during her introduction of Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday, calling her the “president” before correcting herself…

“Ladies and gentlemen, the president…” She began before pausing and trying to correct herself.

As the crowd burst into laughter, Jill Biden said sheepishly, “I just said that to make you laugh,” before introducing the vice president correctly.

What is going on? Is everyone in the administration incapable of doing something as basic as reading? Or was this yet another Freudian slip? Many have wondered if Joe was just a seat-warmer for Kamala Harris. He’s often called her the “president” in speeches. Now his own wife is doing it?

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Was this the plan all along? Get Joe in the White House, so Harris had a backdoor into the presidency? If it was, this has to be one of the worst plans we’ve ever seen. Since Harris has a worse approval than Joe. Maybe the Democrats were hoping he could step down at some point and give Harris a leg-up (since we know she can’t win on her own). But her poor performance has ensured she’d never win re-election.

Or, perhaps, Jill just screwed up. Kind of odd, since most of these folks have their speeches written out for them. Is Jill just as bad at reading a script as her husband? Can anyone talk right in this administration?

Since day one, this group has fumbled the ball. Biden’s poor leadership has led to a record number of crises hurting our country. And even though they are failing, Biden and his team refuse to make any changes to their agenda. This has to be the worst presidential administration we’ve ever seen.

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