Fleeing Texas Democrats Just Got Lone-Starred – While In D.C. Swamp, House Speaker Demands They Forfeit Their Pay

We’ve been watching the drama unfold in Texas, as state Democrats try to stop voter reform.

And things are only heating up.

A group of Texas House Democrats flew to Washington in a stunt to stop voter bills from being passed.

The governor has vowed to punish these liberals, who are refusing to do their job. One possibility is that they’ll be arrested as soon as they return.

The House also voted to send officers to drag these Democrats back to work.

Now, the state speaker is cutting off these freeloaders’ funds.

From Fox News:

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan on Wednesday called on state Democratic lawmakers to give up their daily stipend of $221 as they hunker down in Washington, D.C. to avoid passing a voting reform bill…

“Those who are intentionally denying quorum should return their per diem to the State Treasury immediately upon receipt.”

Texas House Speaker Phelan is working to deny fleeing Democrats their daily stipend. Why?

Because they refuse to do their job.

Democrats claim they are “standing up” for minorities by opposing these voter reforms. But the reality is, they simply don’t want changes made that would make it harder for some people to cheat.

So, like spoiled children, they threw a temper tantrum all the way to D.C.

Which is hilariously ironic, since some of them are in the same breath lobbying to kill the Senate filibuster while actively filibustering their own Texas House and breaking the law.

But they are hardly suffering for a noble cause. These Democrats continue to take taxpayer dollars, while they refuse to work.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Texas Republicans, who remain in the state, would require Democrats to pay back these funds.

The changes Texas Republicans want to simply secure future elections—not for any one party, but to have free and fair elections. At the same time, they will also ensure all those who are legally allowed to vote, can.

Democrats have opposed much-needed voter reform this year, claiming it will hurt minorities. Of course, they cannot explain how basic election integrity is stopping anyone from voting.

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The only people who will be denied the ability to vote, under these changes, are those who are not allowed to vote in the first place.

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