Former Clinton Adviser Makes Stunning AOC Prediction – “Don’t Count Her Out” For A Run In 2024

Has there been anyone less qualified to serve in Congress as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

The former bartender talked her way into a House seat. But since then, has only embarrassed herself (and her party).

But that doesn’t mean she won’t continue to pursue high positions of power. At least, according to one top commentator.

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From Breitbart:

On Sunday, former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris floated Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) as a potential Democratic presidential nominee in 2024…

“The Democrats are desperate, and they want to dump Biden, who will be 81 in ’24… They’re losing the Hispanic vote more each day. The latest polls have Trump beating Biden among Latinos — actually winning Latinos. So, the Democrats, in desperation, may turn to a young, female, charismatic Latina like AOC.”

Former Clinton advisor and current conservative commentator Dick Morris claimed AOC was a possible candidate for president, in the upcoming 2024.

Now, those of us with brain cells know what a terrible idea that would be. But Morris painted a picture that might not be far from reality.

Biden is failing. His approval is down in nearly every demographic, but particularly with Hispanic voters.

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Polls show that should Trump run in 2024, he would destroy Biden—and win the Hispanic vote.

Enter AOC. She’ll be 35 by the time she’d entered office, just three months before. She is young, female, and charismatic (to some people).

She could be an obvious choice for the “woke” (and increasingly foolish) Democratic Party—which values identity over character.

But does that mean she’d have a ghost of a chance in the general election? Not according to Morris.

If she gets the Democratic nomination, she would still lose to a GOP candidate Trump. Morris said he’d “beat her to a pulp.”

But despite that, he says she could “well be the Democratic nominee.”

It’s just a prediction, but a very probably one. Democrats have very few established stars that would give Trump a run for their money in 2024.

AOC might be an obvious choice, given how progressive the party has become. But would liberal voters really pin all their hopes on a woman with worse credentials (and accomplishments) than Kamala?

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