Former Trump Chief Gives His 2024 Prediction – Mark Meadows Would Bet “All His Money” That Donald Will Run Again

For much of 2021, former President Donald Trump has teased another run for the White House. Though he hasn’t confirmed it, he has often teased a campaign bid to oust Joe Biden.

And as the year has progressed, it seems like Trump has become even more involved in the political sphere. He certainly hasn’t retreated, as most Democrat leaders hoped he might.

And now, one of Trump’s closest allies believes the former POTUS has made up his mind.

Mark Meadows was the White House Chief of Staff during Trump’s term. Back in August, he said that at the time, Trump was “at the head of the ticket” for Republican nominees.

Since that time, other GOP leaders have expressed their hope that Trump would run again, and Republican candidates typically seek the former President’s endorsement.

Combine this with the Biden administration’s flagging approval numbers, and we could eventually see a formal announcement.

Mr. Trump isn’t afraid to criticize Biden and his staff for failing the country on a myriad of issues, including the economy and immigration. And the Afghanistan debacle didn’t help.

With all this, we could be looking at a repeat head-to-head battle in 2024.

Meadows is counting on it, in fact (via Washington Examiner):

Mark Meadows said Thursday he would be willing to bet all of his money that his old boss, former President Donald Trump, is going to run for office again.

‘Literally, I was with him just two days ago and he said, ‘Mark, I can’t imagine it could’ve gotten this bad this quickly,’ the former White House chief of staff said during an interview with Andrew Wilkow on SiriusXM’s Wilkow Majority.

Meadows added that if were a “betting man,” he’d bet all his money that Trump would run again.

He’s in, and we will count on him running,” he said. Of course, without Trump – or an official spokesperson – confirming it, we still can’t say for certain.

But Meadows is hardly an outsider. Being the former White House Chief of Staff and a former congressman, we should probably pay attention to his opinion.

On top of that, a growing number of Republicans recognize that Trump’s influence only appears to have grown in 2021. And Trump’s followers have remained very loyal.

Other possible GOP presidential nominees for 2024 include Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.

But most polls show Trump has a hefty advantage over both for the nomination, and it’s unlikely that gap will shrink much in the future. Trump also said if he faced DeSantis, he’d “beat him.”

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Like many other Republican leader, Trump is appalled at how the country has fared under Biden.

During the SiriuxXM interview, Meadows said Trump told him, “Mark, I can’t imagine it could’ve gotten this bad this quickly.” As a result, he may have already decided to take the plunge.

We probably won’t know for some time, but it seems like a much greater possibility today.

As a final note, Trump said earlier this year that the only thing that would stop him from running is a “bad call from a doctor.” So at this point, Trump fans are starting to get very excited.

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