Fox News Dumps “Ratings Failure” Host – After CNN Fires Chris Cuomo They Quickly Hire Chris Wallace

There have been plenty of shakeups in the cable news world lately, and most of them are coming from far-left network CNN. They got plenty of bad press after their host, Chris Cuomo, was outed for helping his embattled brother, Andrew Cuomo. As the scandal intensified, they had no choice but to fire him.

Maybe they thought they needed a change, after that bad news? Maybe the liberal network wanted a familiar face to help boost their declining image? It was just announced they were poaching an anchor from Fox News. But it doesn’t seem like this will be the help they were looking for.

From Fox News:

“Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace announced his resignation from Fox News after 18 years on Sunday and teased “a new adventure.”

“After 18 years — this is my final Fox News Sunday,” Wallace said on his final airing Sunday. “It is the last time — and I say this with real sadness — we will meet like this.”

This Sunday, Chris Wallace announced he was leaving Fox News immediately, to join CNN’s new streaming platform, CNN+. While saying goodbye, the controversial host (and registered Democrat) thanked his bosses for “never interfering” with a guest he booked or a question he asked.

Somehow, I doubt he’s going to receive that kind of treatment over at CNN.

This might sound like good news for Wallace and CNN, but this is very good news for Fox. Wallace was their worst-performing host. His was one of the few shows that performed beneath their cable news rivals.

From Breitbart:

For nearly 20 years, Chris Wallace has been the one and only Fox News name brutalized in the ratings.

Last week is a perfect example:

Face the Nation: 2.8 million viewers.
Meet the Press: 2.6 million
This Week: 2.5 million
Fox News Sunday: 1.2 million

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Fox News is the highest-rated network on cable TV. Yet it was Wallace’s show that always fell behind his rivals on other networks. Other well-known hosts, like Hannity and Carlson, always beat the other guys. Saying goodbye to Wallace might be the smartest thing the network has done.

Wallace was known for his apparent liberal bias and open feud with Donald Trump. He was only one of a few figures on Fox News the 45th president openly criticized. Fox News can only go up after his departure. They can pick from a large pool of recognizable figures to take his place.

Wallace, meanwhile, will get to host a show on CNN’s streaming service, which will last for about as long as a snowball in August.

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