Freedom Truckers Head Across America – After California They Could Be Coming To Your City

The Canadian Freedom Convoy inspired people around the world. Truck drivers from other countries decided they too should stand up against tyrannical mandates and restrictions. Naturally, the movement spread to the United States—much to the horror of the radical left.

Biden’s failed presidency has hurt everyone, but especially truckers. So, a new convoy called the “People’s Convoy” will be heading for D.C. to send old Joe a message. But as they ramp up their long haul, they could be passing through your neck of the woods.

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From The Western Journal:

The convoy is scheduled to leave from Adelanto, California, on Wednesday, and arrive in the Washington, D.C., region on Saturday, March 5, according to a release from the convoy’s website…

The release notes that the route is subject to change, but under the plan, on Wednesday, the trucks and supporting vehicles will get as far as Kingman, Arizona. On Thursday, the rigs will go from Kingman to Lupton, Arizona, along I-40. The trucks will roll along I-40 one more day as they go from Lupton through New Mexico and stop at Glenrio, Texas, on Friday.

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The convoy will be moving from California across the country, and straight for Washington, D.C. The tentative route will take them through Arizona, along I-40. They will then reach New Mexico and Texas. From there, they will move through Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Maryland.

They will reach the D.C. Beltway area by Saturday, March 5. The convoy, of course, can move through every state, but this route will take them through the very heart of the nation. Many of the towns they will be moving through touch on the blue-collar core of the country. The entire trip is a reminder to the elite left that this country exists because of hard-working Americans like these truckers.

Once upon a time, Democrats would have been all over this convoy. Liberals used to support blue-collar workers, including truckers. Not these days. Biden and his cronies have gone all-in on a pro-globalist, pro-elitist agenda. They ignore real problems, while their policies hurt everyday Americans.

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