Freedom Truckers Just Called In Backup – Biden And Trudeau Just Got Pressured By Governors And American Truckers

People all over the world have shown their support for the Freedom Convoy in Canada. But that hasn’t managed to convince the corrupt powers that be from listening to these truckers. In fact, Trudeau continues to slander them, even trying to get police and military to clear them away.

Joe Biden’s administration, whose party long supported radical activist protests, encouraged Trudeau to use whatever means necessary.

But that hasn’t seemed to discourage these freedom fighters. And more support is pouring in. American truckers are rallying around their northern brothers.

From Fox News:

Canadian truckers who have stood their ground at the U.S.-Canada border — both physically and philosophically — have enthusiastic support from some big-rig drivers here in our country even as the police push in.

And not only that, but American leaders are starting to put the heat on.

From Daily Wire:

A group comprised of two premiers and 16 governors sent a letter to the top levels of the Canadian and U.S. governments on Wednesday requesting that vaccine and quarantine exemptions be restored for truckers crossing between the two countries. The letter cited the strain that the mandate is putting on already struggling supply chains.

Truck drivers in the United States are supporting the Freedom Convoy. Members of trucking companies have spoken out over the situation. They are calling for these truckers to be heard, as the Canadian prime minister slanders and ignores them. The popularity of this movement might spark an American convoy of its own, which might drive from California to D.C.

Along with this, leaders in America are pushing back against Biden and Trudeau’s mandates. A group of sixteen U.S. governors is demanding that these truckers be heard. They pointed out that these mandates are complicating an already overloaded supply chain. Truckers can be put out of work from not complying, further reducing the desperately needed supply of drivers.

It’s pretty unthinkable for Trudeau and Biden to openly oppose such essential workers. Without truck drivers, both nations would be done for. These men and women drive long hours, over lonely roads, moving goods to stores and companies. How on earth does Trudeau think he’s going to keep Canada fed when he is fighting the very people who supply the country with food?

The same goes for Biden. His approval is tanking because he can’t deal with a supply chain crisis. Yet he supports mandates that put the supply chain under unneeded stress, all to cover for his own failures. But it appears these leftists don’t care about what’s best for their countries—only grabbing as much power as they can.

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