GOP Calls EMERGENCY MEETING After Gableman’s Push to Decertify 2020 Election

Even in 2022, there are still plenty of people concerned about potential voter fraud in the 2020 presidential race.

Republican leaders in swing states across the country continue to push for investigations into such irregularities.

Among the most notable examples in Wisconsin, where one investigator recently uncovered some startling new allegations.

As a result, the former state Supreme Court justice determined that state officials should seriously consider decertifying the election results that declared Joe Biden the winner.

CBS News provided the details:

The former conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice hired by the Republican speaker of the state Assembly to review the 2020 election is suggesting that state lawmakers should look at decertifying the 2020 election, even though state attorneys have said that is not legal.

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Investigator Michael Gableman made the recommendation as he released his 136-page “interim report” looking into the 2020 election and presented findings to the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections.

“I believe the legislature ought to take a very hard look at the option of decertification of the 2020 Wisconsin presidential election,” Gableman told lawmakers. He later softened the language and said that he wasn’t, in fact, recommending decertification — he just wanted to “raise it as a possibility and suggest that if such an avenue were to be pursued, I believe that the conclusions in this report would support such a process.”

That news clearly came as a relief to the millions of Americans who refuse to accept the reported results of the 2020 race.

Of course, not every Republican is on board with efforts to root out evidence of voter fraud.

Many GOP pundits and politicians have expressed their opposition to investigations like the one conducted in Wisconsin.

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Many others in the GOP, however, continue to stand behind Donald Trump’s claims that he was the true winner of the 2020 election.

Of course, it appears that Republican leaders in Wisconsin are dismayed by the recent Gableman probe.

As a result, party officials called an emergency meeting to develop a strategy for responding to the bombshell report.

According to the Gateway Pundit:

This was explosive news! A former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice was calling for decertification of results based on NUMEROUS instances of voter fraud in the state!

The testimony obviously shook Republican leaders in the state.

On Wednesday morning Wisconsin State Republican Leaders, including Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu, called for an emergency meeting on March 16th in Stevens Point to discuss the next steps on this explosive development by Justice Gableman.

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