GOP Finally Decided To Go After George Soros

The GOP is going after Soros’s most successful scheme.

The bloodshed at the Wisconsin Christmas Parade is being avoided because the whole thing doesn’t suit their “White Nationalist” narrative. Thi poor young girl is currently in intensive care, in a very serious condition, and life-threatening obstacles blurring around.

But the media is framing this story to make it sound like the car itself was on some kind of “autopilot,” just randomly running people over.

And was that gun on autopilot too?!

And they still can’t make up their mind whether this is n act of terrorism, but the parents protesting for their children;s healthier futures, definitely is considered to be one…

And he was left on bail?!

Bravo for the bail reform. Same miserable bull***t as “defund the police” and BLM protestors fighting for an actual change…

The real kicker here is that a Soros-linked DA by the name of John Chisholm is the man who put this disgusting reform into place and thus, allowed at least 5 people to be slaughtered in the streets during a Christmas parade.

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It’s funny how they want to trick us into thinking that the real criminals are “political dissidents,” while rapists, murderers, and child sex offenders can all be rehabilitated with therapy and love.

And Tom Cotton has taken notice, and after the slaughter at the Christmas parade, he’s calling it out and demanding every Soros prosecutor to be recalled.

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