GOP Governor Takes Quick Action On School Safety – Bill Signed To Allow Armed School Workers In Ohio

Following the tragic Uvalde shooting, Democrats have called for stricter gun laws.

Republicans have proposed ways to keep children safe, knowing that gun regulation does not work. They’ve gone unnoticed by liberals.

However, politicians in one state are going forward with a significant bill. And the governor is expected to sign it.

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From Newsmax:

Ohio school districts could begin arming employees as soon as this fall under legislation approved by Republican lawmakers and set to be signed by GOP Gov. Mike DeWine…

The bill will protect children by ensuring instruction is specific to schools and including significant scenario-based training, DeWine said late Wednesday in announcing his support…

Under the latest version of the bill, school employees who carry guns would need up to 24 hours of initial training, then up to eight hours of requalification training annually.

Ohio’s Republican lawmakers passed a bill allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons. The bill will be signed into law by Governor DeWine.

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Armed teachers will be required to complete 24 hours of training under the measure. Then they’ll have to requalify every year for an additional eight hours.

To me, this seems reasonable. Teachers who own firearms have previously learned how to use them safely. This training will most likely focus on securing and clearing a classroom of dangers.

In light of recent shootings, many experts have proposed such tactics. The majority of would-be assassins choose to strike in places where there are a lot of defenseless people.

Will these cowardly killers bother if it is publicly known that instructors are armed?

Many people will not. Those who are foolish enough to try will rapidly learn the hard way that these schools are safe.

Democrats have stated that they oppose these measures in order to put pressure on the country to accept strict gun control.

The facts, on the other hand, do not lie. The places with the strictest gun laws are the most at risk. And if a few armed teachers are all that is required to prevent further tragedy, why not go ahead and do it?

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