GOP Truck Driver Defeats New Jersey Democrat Then Puts Him In His Place On Phone Call

This year’s elections didn’t just give Virginia to the Republicans. The GOP has surprising victories all over the country. Perhaps one of the most amazing was in New Jersey, where Republican Ed Durr defeated a long-time Democrat–after only spending around $100 on his campaign.

His rival Sweeney tried to fight the results, but quickly conceded. Apparently, he called Durr to congratulate him. And the Republican—and former truck driver—gave him a brilliant response. This is one for the record books.

From American Lookout:

Ed Durr, the New Jersey Republican truck driver who shocked the country earlier this month by defeating a powerful Democrat incumbent, appeared on the Tucker Carlson show this week and told a very funny story.

He was recounting the phone call he had with the Democrat he defeated and he even had Tucker Carlson laughing…

“I told him, you know, if he ever needs anything, just give me a call, because I’m his representative now,” Durr, who is reported to have spent only $153 on his primary campaign, responded.

Wow, talk about a roast! Democrat Sweeney called to congratulate his rival Ed Durr after he beat him in a state race. Sweeney told Durr to “do well” for South Jersey. And the Republican, who previously was a truck driver, reminded Sweeney that if he needed anything, to just call.

After all, Durr was his representative now!

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What a burn. Durr reportedly spent a small sum of money against Sweeney, yet won by a clear margin. Durr’s win is being championed as a major sea change in the state. Despite paying little, he was able to defeat an incumbent, simply because he was a Republican.

This tells us just how much Americans are willing to reject Democrats. Americans from coast to coast have grown sick and tired of the left’s schemes. As Biden fails in D.C., local Democrats have ignored Americans’ concerns, pushing more and more socialism.

Americans have sent a message to Democrats this election. A message that will most likely continue into next year.

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