GOP’s Ronna McDaniel Tears Democrat Bill Apart – She Claims “Freedom to Cheat Act” Will Wreck Future Elections

America faces a barrage of issues as we head into 2022. Persistent inflation, the seemingly endless border crisis, and the pandemic all continue to be hot topics of debate.

But another is rapidly gaining steam, and will likely become even more prominent with the midterm elections coming up: election integrity.

And Republicans are sounding the alarm — they claim their leftist counterparts are trying to manipulate and even “eviscerate” existing laws.

Voter ID has become a contentious issue, though many claim it’s mostly about common sense. If you don’t have a valid citizen ID, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote in state or federal elections.

However, Democrats are calling this “voter suppression” and believe it’s a ploy to get Republicans more votes.

On the flip side, GOP leaders are saying Democrat voter reforms are not only self-preserving, but also illegal. They further claim the Democrat proposals use processes that are “rife with fraud.”

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel calls it the “Freedom to Cheat Act,” and she’s fighting to stop it.

Most right-wing citizens support the idea of voter ID laws, so it’s likely they’re going to support this Republican push. The question is whether or not these reforms make it through in 2022.

As McDaniel said (from Breitbart):

‘It eviscerates state voter ID laws, which 36 states have passed. This bill eliminates states’ more secure voter ID requirements, replacing them with a process that is rife with fraud.’

The sweeping bill would order states with voter ID laws to widen their accepted forms of voter identification to allow for several alternatives, including forms of identification that do not contain a photo.

McDaniel added that the Democrat proposal would “force 29 states to adopt same-day voter registration,” and it “forces violent felons to vote.”

Allowing convicted criminals and non-citizens to vote in elections has become part of the Democrat push for “voting equality.” The state of New York just made it legal for unregistered citizens to vote, for instance.

This is precisely the sort of thing Republicans are pushing back against.

Currently, Democrats are trying to change the Senate rules to push their election reforms. They want to abolish the 60-vote filibuster, which would let Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) pass all sorts of bills with only a simple majority.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) is another GOP leader who says none of this has anything to do with “voter equality”:

Democrats don’t want free and fair elections. They want elections only Democrats can win.

We’ve watched this last year, they’ve had a difficult time, the Democrats, passing their radical agenda so they want to change the rules.

They want to change the rules so they can ban voter ID, even though it’s very popular around the country.

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With the midterm elections coming up in the fall, the argument regarding voter laws and election integrity will continue to rage.

The question now is, will Democrats be able to ditch the filibuster? And if they do, what sort of laws will they ram through? Will that really make the election scene more “equal”?

Right now, most Republicans say none of this should be allowed to happen, and believe Democrats are just desperate to stay in power in D.C.

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