Herschel Walker Crashes Into Biden White House – The NFL Legend Claims Under Joe Americans Will Lose Hard-Fought Freedoms

The country was rocked when, earlier this year, Georgia elected two far-left candidates to the Senate. But it looks like they can soon remedy this probably (at least in part) as one of these Democrats is up for reelection in 2022. And he will have to face an NFL icon and conservative hero, Herschel Walker.

The NFL great and strong Trump support spoke out against the biggest problem facing our country and government. As he gains momentum for his campaign, he pointed out what needs to happen in order to save our country. What might happen, if we can’t do it.

From OANN:

Georgia Senate candidate and former NFL star Herschel Walker said America’s biggest problem is the “wrong people are in office” in Washington, D.C…

“We’re going to lose the freedom that we have fought and died for, so many people have fought and died for those freedoms we have,” Walker stated. “And right now, we’re going to lose it if we don’t put the right people in office.”

Walker spoke out against the toxic policies being pushed by Democrats in D.C. and at the state level. He warned we are going to lose the freedoms that “we have fought and died for,” if we don’t remove the “wrong” people from office.

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In some parts of the country, sadly, it looks like they’ve already lost their freedoms. In conservative states, much has gone back to normal. But in blue states, they still suffer from ridiculous mandates, restrictions, even closed schools. Americans can’t enjoy the God-given liberties they were promised in the Constitution—all thanks to power-hungry liberals.

Walker pointed to a movement that is already evicting these tyrannical Democrats. In a hopeful signal, he mentioned the major flip in Virginia, after their governor election. The blue state elected a Republican governor for the first time, shocking the entire country.

We shouldn’t be surprised when we see this trend repeated next year. Americans have seen what Democrats can do when given the reins. And it’s not pretty. Walker is calling on patriots to vote liberals out of office and elect people of “integrity” to lead from our capitol.

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