Hillary Clinton Caught Off Guard On The Street – She Gets Confronted By Reporter About Durham Investigation Rushes Off

If we were Hillary Clinton (God help us), we’d be talking to some good lawyers right about now. The revelations that came out this week have potentially spoiled her chances at a 2024 presidential run. But they also might spell big trouble for her, if charges are filed.

John Durham filed documents that revealed Donald Trump may have been monitored. Some have said this was a major crime—and could result in jail time for those indicted. But will Clinton herself be implicated? Reporters tried to get a response from the woman recently. She ran off.

From Fox News:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to answer questions as to whether or not her presidential campaign spied on former President Donald Trump.

“Did you pay to spy on the Trump campaign,” Hillary was asked by a Daily Mail reporter in New York City on Tuesday…

Clinton declined to answer both questions as she simply waved at the reporter while continuing to walk inside a building.

Reporters found Clinton in New York this week. They asked her if she did in fact spy on the Trump campaign, according to the court filings. Clinton refused to answer, even after they asked for a simple comment. We can’t blame her. She has probably already consulted with lawyers who are telling her to lay low and say nothing to the media.

When the original documents for this investigation were handed over by acting Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, he revealed that there was enough for “multiple indictments.” It seems that whatever these people were up to, it could result in prosecutions.

From what is alleged, people were working with a “tech executive” to gather data from servers used by Trump’s campaign and then his administration. If this pans out to be accurate, it could amount to a serious crime against both a private citizen and a presidential administration.

And to think, the media laughed at Trump when he said Democrats spied on him. Maybe it was true?

As predicted, this same media is ignoring these developments. But the American people are not. Citizens will demand answers about this bombshell—even from Clinton herself. And something tells me she won’t be able to get away with waving at reporters for long.

UPDATE: Hillary did respond later in the day with a tweet:

She says there’s nothing to see here, folks. Just move along. But all the evidence may be piling up.

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