Hillary Clinton Sends Trump Supporters Into Fit Of Laughter – She Just Broke Down In Tears Reading Her 2016 Acceptance Speech

When Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election, most Americans were relieved. They’d never have to hear from that woman again! But for some reason, Democrats and the media are obsessed with throwing her in our faces again and again.

First, she wrote a book claiming why she lost. Then she went on a tour, trying to muster up interest. It didn’t seem like most Americans even cared. Now, she’s back again—but this time, it’s getting really pathetic. Because in a recent video, she tearfully read her would-be acceptance speech.

From MSN:

In an emotional video released Wednesday, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton for the first time publicly delivered the victory speech she had been planning to give in November 2016 if she had prevailed over Donald Trump in that year’s presidential election.

Ugh, what is wrong with this woman? The numbskulls over at MasterClass decided to give Clinton a job teaching on “resilience.” Yep, that’s the “great” content that service is providing these days. No, you won’t learn how to write a script anymore. Instead, you get to pay money to have Hillary Clinton, career loser, tell you how to lose with grace.

Considering how she’s still complaining about her 2016 loss, she might be the worst person to teach you about that.

But far be it from old Hill to not milk an opportunity. The failed politician was videoed reading the victory speech she would have given, had Donald Trump not humiliated her. As she was reading it, the poor old gal broke down into tears.

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Oh, what a tragic hero. A woman associated with some of the darkest chapters in U.S. history is crying because she didn’t win an election. Why isn’t she crying over what she did to our men in Benghazi? Or how her “Foundation” cheated the people of Haiti, or how she later destroyed their democracy?

Why isn’t she crying over the fact that she allegedly used her “charity” to run a pay-for-play scheme out of the State Department? Or how she attacked women who accused her husband of harassment, after claiming to believe all women?

There are plenty of reasons for Clinton to cry. Losing fairly in an election is not one of them.

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