Hillary Suffers Major Blow After Durham Report – Varney Claims Clinton’s Prospects For 2024 Are Done For

If you haven’t been following the big news this week, here’s the skinny. John Durham finally filed court documents that are having heads rolling. The new bombshell reveals that Clinton’s campaign hired people to break into Trump’s network, both in the Trump Towers and the White House.

Trump called that treason. And Republicans are outraged, demanding investigations and accountability. Even Marco Rubio said this was a crime and John Ratcliffe said “multiple indictments” should come out of this. What we can be sure of, however. And Varney makes this clear prediction.

From Fox Business:

“In 2016, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign paid lawyers to ‘infiltrate’ Donald Trump’s computer system at Trump Tower and President-Elect Trump’s system in the White House.

In plain English, the Democrats spied on Trump during and after the 2016 election…

In one respect, John Durham did the Democrats a favor: Hillary will surely not be running in 2024.”

There will probably be plenty of speculation over the fallout of these latest revelations. Hopefully, Republicans will push for investigations in Congress. The DOJ, even under Biden’s thumb, will have no choice but to open probes. We might even see indictments against a number of high-ranking Democrat operatives.

But one thing we know for sure, at least according to Varney, is that Clinton will not be running in 2024.

This Durham bombshell came out at just the right time. For weeks, we’ve been hearing rumors that old Hill was exploring another run. Some Democrats were inviting her to events. Others were mustering up fundraisers and the like. And even liberal outlets were floating the idea that she should run against Joe Biden if she had to, to secure a 2024 victory.

Well, all that’s gone up in smoke. Clinton won’t have much time to plan a campaign, now that she’ll have to hire lawyers. Even now, she is probably scrambling, trying to build a defense before the FBI comes knocking at her door. Even if she isn’t indicted, this story reveals she did in fact spy on Trump’s campaign and even his White House.

There’s no way she can come back from this. Any rival will just replay this news, sinking her chances. And none of the big-dollar donors to the left will open their wallets, for a woman who might be thrown in jail.

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