Hours After Biden Grilled On His Mental Fitness – Widespread Calls For Cognitive Test And 25th Amendment Come Out

If you haven’t heard already, Biden’s recent press conference was far from a win. Americans are giving it a failing grade. Critics are shocked at the things he said. And overall, his performance was terrible.

This is, of course, the reason his handlers keep him from the public so often. But it only underscores the urgency many Americans feel about this man’s ability to lead.

Last year was a disaster. Every policy Biden set failed. Worse still, the man seems unable to course correct. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a reporter confronted him about possible cognitive decline. Biden’s response was alarming—and triggered a wave of demands.

From Daily Wire:

“So the question I have for you, sir, if you’d let me finish, is, why do you suppose such large segments of the American electorate have come to harbor such profound concerns about your cognitive fitness?” the reporter asked. “Thank you.”

“I have no idea,” Biden said…

Former White House physician Ronny Jackson, who served in the role under the past two administrations, responded to Biden’s remarks by saying that something was “wrong” with Biden and that an immediate cognitive test needed to be performed.

Jackson wasn’t the only critic to be shocked by Biden’s non-answer. Others are calling for the swift removal of this man from office.

From Twitter:

This press conference marks the effective end of the Biden presidency. Let the 25th Amendment discussions begin

A reporter pressed Joe Biden for a response to the growing number of Americans who think he’s unfit to lead. His response? “I have no idea.” Uh… not great, Joe, not great. When asked why Americans think he’s losing his mind, Biden says nothing. That’s, you know, kind of what a man who’s losing his mind would say.

The responses to his failed press conference were intense. Former White House physician to both Obama and Trump blasted Biden for “ignoring” the question. He once again called for a cognitive test for the man. He called for the White House to do it “now” saying, “There’s too much on the line, we need to know.”

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Others echoed his sentiments but weren’t waiting for a cognitive test. The 25th Amendment was floated again, a measure that allows Congress and the White House to remove a president who is no longer fit to lead.

Under those conditions, the president himself would agree to step down. I’m sure that wouldn’t be too hard, considering Biden is doing his handlers’ bidding, anyway.

But Democrats have too much to lose if they admit Biden’s mind is gone. They’d be saying that Trump was right all along, and their morally bankrupt party nominated and got elected a man who should be in a nursing home.

That would doom their already dwindling midterm chances. Just imagine that: they’d keep a sick man in office to save their political careers.

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