Hours After Biden Unveils His Signature Spending Deal – Bernie Sanders Swoops In And Pulls The Rug Out On Joe

So, it looks like Joe Biden won’t be getting the big socialist spending bill he was promising. But, he has to get something done, right?

He fears that the Democrats will lose big time if he can’t make good on at least one promise. To that end, he has introduced another “compromised” spending package, hoping to win over moderates.

From Townhall:

President Joe Biden is on Capitol Hill Thursday morning as he gets set to announce Democrats and far left socialists have reached a deal on how to move forward with his Build Back Better spending agenda…

The new reconciliation framework, coming in at $1.7 trillion, includes universal pre-school and billions of dollars for “climate change.”

The bill removes some of the progressive left’s agenda, but still plans to raise taxes on many Americans.

But just as Biden started to announce victory, Sanders gives him some bad news. From The Hill:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Thursday said  he’s not prepared to support a stripped-down $1.75 billion framework unveiled earlier in the day by the White House, and signaled that progressives in the House should hold off on voting for a separate infrastructure measure.

Just as Biden claims he has a spending package that all Democrats can agree on, socialist Bernie Sanders tells progressives not to vote on the attached bipartisan infrastructure bill. Biden’s new version of his socialist agenda includes some of his expanded welfare plans as well as heavy taxes on wealthy Americans (that are sure to fall on middle-class families).

But Biden cut out just enough to rankle House progressives as well as the Senate’s perennial commie, Uncle Bernie. In fact, Sanders is telling the House to “hold off” on voting for the bipartisan deal that has been stuck in gridlock.

Sanders appears to be sabotaging the bill’s progress, in order to coerce support from Sens. Manchin and Sinema. Both are moderate Democrats who refused to support Biden’s massive spending agenda. Even now, while they have said some positive things about Biden’s new plan, have stopped at promising to support it.

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Because of that, Sanders is trying to get the House to join him in stalling the process.

But if progressives in the House hold out on voting for the bipartisan bill, it can prevent anything from getting passed. Moderates in the House have been demanding Pelosi to let the bipartisan spending bill go through separate from the larger bill. Pelosi and the far-left have refused, trying to force Biden’s agenda through no matter what.

It seems like Biden still can’t make a deal within his own party. Both moderates and progressives continue to fight, derailing the man’s radical, socialist agenda. Not that we’re broken up about it.

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