Hours After Democrats Attack The Filibuster – They Ironically Stop Ted Cruz’s Russia Sanctions With A Filibuster

If you were to believe Democrats, these days, you’d think they are very opposed to the Senate filibuster. After all, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and even Joe Biden have railed in recent days against this one rule that protects the Senate’s minority voice. They’ve even claimed that keeping the rule was a tool of racists.

Thankfully, they failed to kill the filibuster. Several moderate Democrats refused to go along with Schumer’s scheme. I guess he must be pretty upset and will try again to kill it again soo—wait a minute! What do I see here? A recent, reasonable measure to check Russia was just voted down. And the Democrats used the filibuster to do it.

From RedState:

Literally hours after the Democrats embarked on a major offensive to abolish the filibuster as a tool of racists everywhere, they then…used the filibuster. They didn’t just block any bill either. They did Russia’s Vladimir Putin a solid by blocking Ted Cruz’s bill to sanction the Nordstream 2 pipeline.

Democrats, including Joe Biden, gave speeches in support of killing the Senate filibuster. But just a few hours later, they relied on the filibuster to kill a measure by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. What was the measure? Putting sanctions on crooked Russia to protest their Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The vote was 55-44 but failed because it needed 60 votes to pass out of debate. Had there been no filibuster, it would have passed easily.

Now, why are Democrats using the very rule they just said was being used by “white supremacists”? Do they really think we are that stupid? Did they not realize we’d see them using this rule immediately after they said it needed to go? Let’s keep in mind that this measure wasn’t even controversial.

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Democrats have been complaining about Russia since 2017. They claimed the “evil” country had conspired to put Donald Trump into office. They even launched costly investigations to expose Russia’s dastardly schemes. Now, Russia wants to take over Europe’s energy production with this pipeline. Yet Democrats are using the filibuster to help them?

It’s getting pretty hard to believe Democrats mean what they say. From all appearances, they just do whatever ends up giving them the most power and influence. Filibuster gets in the way of their elections takeover? Get rid of it. Filibuster helps them stop Ted Cruz from confronting Russia? Use it!

And they wonder why Americans are turning on them in droves!

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