Hours After Investigation Into Biden Staffer Breaks – Joe Doesn’t Fire Him But Dr. Lander Quickly Resigns

With the President’s declining approval ratings, we’ve seen various reports of unrest in Washington. Some claim Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris aren’t on good terms, for example.

Other rumors say there’s a lot of animosity floating around Capitol Hill, which apparently involves some Democrat in-fighting in certain departments.

This includes one of the President’s top staffers — and now his career in D.C. is basically over.

Recently, the country learned that the White House had conducted an internal investigation into Dr. Eric Lander, who was the director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

It seems he’d spoken very harshly to his team members, and some claimed he’d “bullied” them mercilessly.

The investigation found that there was “credible evidence” that Dr. Lander had indeed behaved badly to his colleagues, which meant some form of punishment would likely be forthcoming.

Lander apologized for speaking in a “disrespectful and demeaning way,” but that obviously wasn’t going to be enough.

As a result, he’s out of a job at the White House, officially resigning his post according to Fox News.

As he said in a statement:

I am devastated that I caused hurt to past and present colleagues by the way in which I have spoken to them.

But it is clear that things I said, and the way I said them, crossed the line at times into being disrespectful and demeaning, to both men and women. That was never my intention.

Nonetheless, it is my fault and my responsibility.

President Biden reportedly accepted Dr. Lander’s resignation, and expressed his gratitude for the work he’d done at OSTP during the pandemic.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki added that Biden appreciated Lander’s contributions to “the Cancer Moonshot, climate change, and other key priorities.”

Prior to this, Psaki had seemed to avoid any questions wondering why Biden hadn’t fired Dr. Lander immediately. Reporters cited the President’s vow to fire anyone who treats his peers badly:

If you are ever working with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot. On the spot. No ifs, ands or buts.

Dr. Lander might not be the only high-ranking official to leave the White House in 2022, either.

Republicans and other lawmakers have urged Biden to clean house, so-to-speak. Many want him to fire his Chief of Staff Ron Klain, for instance, and other members of the team might get the axe as well.

Given Biden’s current report card, many expect him to make some personnel changes. That might help his ailing approval numbers in the long run.

However, so far, the President hasn’t given any indication that he intends to ditch Klain, or any other top staffer.

Americans around the country have been calling for changes to the country’s leadership, as the nation continues to battle serious issues like rising inflation, the border crisis, and election integrity questions.

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