Hours Before Critical Virginia Election – Predictions Take A Major Shift Final Governor Poll Gives Edge To Youngkin

Today, Virginia voters will be deciding the future of their state. Will they elect a Biden Democrat, who could turn the state into California? Or will they elect newcomer conservative Glenn Youngkin, an America-first Republican?

Polls have changed drastically since the Summer. Democrat McAuliffe has watched his lead evaporate. By October they were tied, with Youngkin with a slight edge. Now, as Virginians flock to the polls, a major prediction has shifted.

From Red State:

In this most recent and final Virginia Governor’s poll, Trafalgar shows Glenn Youngkin, the Republican, leading Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat, by 2.3 points.

The last poll before the Virginia election has Glenn Youngkin with a very close lead over his Democrat rival. He is winning by 2.3 points, a razor-thin advantage. This has been consistent with what we’ve been seeing all throughout the end of this campaign, the Democrats are losing their grip on the state.

And from the famed Larry Sabato, he’s changing his tune at the last moment. From the Center For Politics:

However, we do feel we owe it to readers to push this race one way or the other and not just move it to a Toss-up rating at the end. So we’re moving from Leans Democratic to Leans Republican. Our sense is that the race has been moving toward Youngkin, in large part because of the political environment. McAuliffe’s Trump-centric campaign also just doesn’t seem as potent in a non-federal race with the former president no longer in the White House.

That’s big news from one of the most famed predictors.

This comes soon after McAuliffe suffered yet another setback, with the failure of his party to pass a major spending bill in Congress. The candidate called on Democrats to pass the infrastructure bill this week. They failed.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

McAuliffe has for weeks called on Democrats in Congress to pass the infrastructure deal, expressing frustration that his party is unable to notch a much-needed win ahead of the election.

Without this big win coming from D.C., McAuliffe has less momentum going into today. Democrat voters who wanted a big spending bill passed, will be discouraged and deflated. Often races are decided not by who votes, but by who doesn’t.

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And thanks to Biden’s ongoing failures, many Democrat voters have lost the fire. They won’t be motivated to go to the polls, which could result in a Youngkin victory.

We’ll know how the race shakes out soon enough. But the fact that a Republican has gotten this close has shaken the liberal establishment. Virginia is supposed to be a blue state, always. For a Republican to be doing this well, just a year before the midterms, it could mean the left is going its grip on their own strongholds.

It almost happened in California. It might happen in Virginia. And it will certainly happen in Congress next year.

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