Hours Before President Biden’s State Of The Union – Democrats “Just Happen To” Lift The Capitol Mask Mandate

Tomorrow, Joe Biden will be forced to leave Delaware and return to D.C. The world is rocked by crises and the country suffers from a variety of economic problems. And Joe Biden will have to explain to Americans why all this started on his watch. Biden will give a much-delayed State of the Union address, as the country reels from endless problems. Problems he created.

But perhaps the Democrats are hoping to distract from Biden’s constant failures? Maybe they want you to forget that he is presiding over one of the worst eras in our nation’s history? Or that you’d forget Biden is responsible for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Because, just before the speech, Congress is lifting their mask mandate.

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From Townhall:

In a conveniently timed update to guidance for the U.S. House of Representatives, the Capitol physician announced Sunday that the mask mandate requiring masks on the House floor would be lifted — just ahead of President Biden’s first State of the Union address on Tuesday.

According to Attending Physician Brian Monahan, the previously issued requirements to be in effect for Biden’s address to Congress “remain in force with the exception that KN95 or N95 mask wear is no longer required and mask wear is now an individual choice option.”

The Democrat-led Congress is lifting its mask mandates just before Biden’s State of the Union address. The mask mandate in the House was so strict, you might remember, that Pelosi threatened to address Republicans who broke it. She has fined members of the House thousands of dollars for defying her edicts. Yet now, because the cameras will be rolling, they are lifting the rules.

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Why are they doing this now? Is the 2020 crisis no longer an issue among liberals? Do they no longer care about “slowing the spread” or judging Americans who disagree with them? We can’t say. But it seems like they don’t want Americans to look at a sea of masks, while Biden is trying to spin his many problems.

Masks would be a reminder that Biden failed to “shut down” this problem over the last year. It would distract from whatever he is going to say. A Congress without masks is a pathetic attempt to project a successful view of Biden’s administration. As if he actually succeeded in doing something. Americans won’t be fooled.

The few who tune into this farce will know that all the pain and suffering they’ve been through this last year is because of Biden’s radical, socialist agenda. And as Russia continues to bomb Ukraine, Americans will know Biden is partly to blame.

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