House Democrat Leader Turns On Biden – Crow Just Rejected Joe’s Afghanistan Deadline Says It Must Be Extended

Many issues in 2021 have been strictly partisan: Democrats tend to stick with Democrats and Republicans tend to support Republicans. This holds for many of the hottest debates in D.C.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case with the recent Afghanistan fiasco. Politicians from both sides of the aisle have problems with how the Biden administration has handled the situation.

Now, another Democrat leader has split with the President on one important item.

When Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, thousands of U.S. citizens and allies found themselves trapped. The nation had boiled over and it was no longer safe for most Americans.

The White House worked to evacuate as many as possible, but this requires using the military.

The President then announced that U.S. forces would be pulling out by August 31, and many argue the deadline is unrealistic. Critics say there’s no way everyone can be evacuated before that date.

This includes Democratic Rep. Jason Crow, who has rejected the deadline — he believes it just doesn’t give U.S. troops enough time.

Via Fox News:

Democratic Rep. Jason Crow from Colorado broke with President Biden on the Aug. 31 Afghanistan troop withdrawal deadline, noting conditions ‘have changed.’

While speaking during the House Democratic Caucus’ Tuesday press conference, Crow broke ranks with the president and said the deadline to get Americans and Afghan allies out of Afghanistan needs to be ‘extended.’

Crow added that America had a “moral obligation” to get those U.S. citizens out.

He said that the Aug. 31 deadline simply doesn’t make sense, because we “don’t have the capability to evacuate between now and the end of the month.” This echoes similar concerns from military personnel.

Crow himself is an Army veteran, so his words have a bit more weight.

It seems he didn’t originally have a problem with the deadline, but it was set during “a different time.” Now, the situation has changed dramatically and America needs to act fast.

We have to get the mission done,” Crow said. And he also added that it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

The President’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan – and the timing of the action – has been under heavy scrutiny. Many critics are saying it’s the biggest mistake of the administration to date.

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Former President Donald Trump and others have ripped Biden’s team for allowing it to happen, while certain Democrat leaders have tried to blame the previous administration.

But no matter who’s responsible, we still have Americans in trouble overseas.

And if we can’t get them all out by August 31, we should certainly consider extending the withdrawal deadline. Anything else feels like the opposite of Biden’s emphasis on “empathy.”

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