House Democrats Just Turned On Speaker Pelosi – They Claim Nancy Is Responsible For A “Hostile Work Environment”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in a difficult position. Though Democrats maintain a slim majority, that majority is in danger of disappearing in 2022 due to retirements and a “red wave” shift in polling.

But there seems to be another problem on Capitol Hill, and it centers on a major internal issue: several Democrats are speaking out, and they’re hinting at a very tough environment.

In fact, one retiring Democrat has come down especially hard on Speaker Pelosi.

Over the past few months, numerous Democrat leaders have announced they’re leaving the House. Some are retiring, while others are moving on to pursue other positions in state government.

As it stands now, Pelosi will lose 22 leftist allies in the House (and that number could grow, according to rumors).

That’s especially bad news for Democrats because the GOP only needs a net gain of 5 seats in the 2022 midterm elections to reclaim control. Right now, that appears to be a very real possibility.

Beyond that, though, is what retiring Democrat Ron Kind (D-WI) calls a “hostile work environment.”

Kind spoke out about the atmosphere in the House, and he claims it’s anything but cheerful and respectful. In fact, he argues that it’s exactly the opposite, and the situation is only worsening with time.

As he told Politico:

Let’s face it: The atmosphere in this place — it’s a hostile work environment.

We’ve got members threatening to kill other members and treating each other with such disrespect. …Things seem to be getting worse.

Of course, Rep. Kind seems to have plenty of skeletons in his own closet.

Uncovered documents revealed that he’d collected tens of thousands of dollars from a questionable massage parlor, and he has alleged connections to sex trafficking and prostitution.

In general, the atmosphere among Democrats in the House is extremely tense, at best.

And as they continue to lose members and the chances of losing control keeps rising, the work environment gets even harder. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in plenty of bad feelings among leftist politicians.

Said Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR):

If you’ve been here a long time, it gets old after a while.

Especially with redistricting and the likelihood of us potentially losing the majority, a lot of folks … are looking at this as the high-water mark.

There are rumors that Schrader is thinking about leaving as well, which would only add to Pelosi’s problems.

Pelosi herself has reportedly threatened to step down if Republicans do assume control in 2022. For their part, GOP leaders have said that if she doesn’t, they’ll definitely push to get her fired.

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Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) added that things won’t be as “exciting” in Congress in future, “even if we’re still in the majority.”

Overall, it certainly seems as if Democrats are starting to panic over the possibility of losing the House, and with so many retirements and shifting career goals, the situation has only gotten darker.

Rumors swirl that even more leftist leaders will abandon Capitol Hill, and Republicans are promising a massive “red wave” in 2022.

And right now, many polls show GOP candidates beating their Democrat rivals in generic ballots. This includes a RealClearPolitics poll that showed Republicans topping Dems for the first time since 2014.

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