In 9-0 Supreme Court Decision – SCOTUS Rules Against 9th Circuit Blocks Asylum To Denied Border Crossers

With Joe Biden in the White House and Democrats making Congress into a circus, it falls to the Supreme Court to defend our Constitution.

And in recent days, they’ve been doing a bang-up job.

The court has made critical rulings that have upheld Americans’ rights, while checking the left’s out-of-control agenda.

We recently discussed their ruling denying a man’s demands to reenter the country. Now, the entire court once again denied Democrats their immigration wishes.

From Breitbart:

The U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) on Tuesday held that federal courts have a limited role in reviewing immigration judge findings, reversing a decision from the Ninth Circuit appeals court that helped grant immigration relief to illegal aliens seeking asylum…

The Supreme Court found that the Ninth Circuit went out of its way, using its “deemed-true-or-credible rule,” to provide immigration relief to Alcaraz-Enriquez and Dai while ignoring the evidence used by an immigration judge and the BIA to deny them relief.

It appears the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals was overruling immigration judges’ decisions.

The federal court had taken upon itself the power to invalidate a court, whose job it was to rule in immigration cases.

But the Supreme Court put the 9th in its place, stating that the appeals court was ignoring evidence to grant migrants entrance into the United States.

Let’s be honest here. An immigration court has the burdensome duty to review these cases, look at all the evidence, and decide if an asylum-seekers truly deserves to stay.

However, the 9th Circuit appeared to be rejecting evidence to grant asylum requests. Perhaps some of the far-left judges on the 9th were letting their activist agenda get in the way?

In the cases present to the SCOTUS, there was serious evidence that the 9th was ignoring. Both asylum seekers had either lied or were clearly not eligible for asylum.

Why did the 9th Circuit ignore that evidence? We can’t say for sure, but maybe they’re making decisions based on politics, not the law.

But the fact remains that the Supreme Court made a historic decision that will affect major cases moving forward.

They decided that federal courts only have a “limited role” in deciding cases already ruled on by immigration judges.

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This decision will prevent potentially activist judges on the 9th (or other appeals courts) from granting asylum to folks who don’t deserve it.

Democrats must be stewing right now.

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