‘IT’S HERE’: Mark Levin Says There’s A MOVEMENT Rising That Libs/Media Are CLUELESS About

Darkest before the dawn is a phrase that comes to mind. And thing are pretty darn dark out there. Bleak. The worst of our days. But not forever, and maybe not even that much longer until dawn, says Mark Levin.

Man I hope he’s right. Here’s a brief, shareable clip of the positive remark via Rumble. Below is the full video on YouTube.

“There is a movement afoot — I don’t think the media understand that there is a movement afoot. It is a big movement. It’s going to be effectuated in 2022. But even more than that, you’re going to start seeing a rise like it did with the Tea Party in the Reagan revolution. These are all things I was involved in earlier in my life. I see it. I smell it. I taste it. It’s here.”

It’s an encouraging idea, and frankly we do see a lot more public pushback against the worst madness, even from some on the wrong side of the aisle.

Still, I’m not ready to be optimistic yet.

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