Jen Psaki SKIPS Certain Inconvenient TRUTHS About HOSTAGE Stand-Off At Jewish Synagogue In Texas

A man interrupted Shabbat services at the Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas, which is located between Dallas and Forth Worth. That man was caught on live Facebook audio ranting about religion, speaking in Arabic, and demanding the release of “Lady al Qaeda,” the convicted terrorist killer under lock and key in Texas.

Four members of the synagogue have been hostage all day, with one just released in the last hour as law enforcement hostage negotiators work to end the stand-off safely.

The terror sympathizer who took Jewish hostages is treated differently than your average lunatic who shoots at Republicans. His motives get to remain unspoken by the press, even WHILE they report his demand for a terrorist’s release. While CNN is already trying to clear Lady al Qaeda of being a jihadist, Jen Psaki speaking on behalf of the White House is just playing dumb.

Hmm. Nothing else you want to mention? The demand for a terrorist’s release was heard live on Facebook when the situation first started. It was confirmed long before Jen’s statement. But that’s not the really incredible omission, is it?

It’s a certain detail about the location.

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