Jill Biden Shows Her Cold-Hearted Side – During Waukesha Visit The First Lady Fails To Mention Victims Once

The Biden administration really is clueless, huh? Even as his approval plummets, he continues with a broken agenda that Americans do not want. What’s even worse, is that when he has an opportunity to show a shred of humanity, he rejects it.

Americans were stunned when Biden refused to visit Waukesha, after the horrible attack. His office didn’t even mention it until the next day, in a single tweet. Weeks later, the admin sent Joe’s wife and Kamala Harris (who is polling even worse than Joe). But they should have just stayed home, given what they did.

From Red State:

Yet, weeks later, the administration suddenly announced a trip to the city that had been struck by such tragedy. Would Joe Biden show up? No, instead he sent his wife and Kamala Harris’ husband. Yet, instead of providing a message of public empathy, Jill Biden’s speech managed to not mention the tragedy at all. Instead, she spent her entire time plugging…COVID-19 vaccines for small children.

Really, Jill? Really? Biden’s wife visited the scene of a terrible attack. But during her speech, it seems she didn’t even mention the victims once. Instead, she rambled on about the administration’s agenda for small children.

How out-of-touch can a group of people be? This should have been a chance for Biden to show some compassion for people mourning the loss of loved ones. The administration should have promised them that justice will be served and uphold the values of our country.

For Jill Biden to miss this is shocking. And it shows just how driven this administration is to push their radical, un-American agenda. Not that we were expecting anything all that impressive from these two. Harris has a reputation of gaffing worse than old Joe himself. She is often subbed in for Joe for issues that the man seems to think are beneath him.

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Perhaps this is why Biden and Harris have such low approval ratings?

We can only imagine that a President Trump and First Lady Melania would have done things much differently. Trump was always the first to offer condolences and sympathy for Americans suffering. He often made it a top priority to visit those who were victims, even those recovering in hospitals.

Had Trump been in office (and allowed to use social media), he would have been quick to share his concern and support. Instead, we have a D.C. swamp dweller who can’t even be bothered.

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