Jill Flies Off To Play President Leaving Joe In The Basement & Kamala On The Sidelines

It’s official, Jill Biden is leaving Joe in the basement and headed to Japan to play president.

The White House is reporting that Biden is traveling to attend the opening ceremony on July 23.

But there are other things on Jill’s agenda besides the games, it has been reported she will be holding diplomatic meetings with the Prime Minister of Japan and other top officials.

From Japan Today:

Japan and the United States are making arrangements for First Lady Jill Biden to visit Japan for the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony, but President Biden is not likely to accompany her, the Yomiuri Shimbun daily said on Sunday.

Attending the opening ceremony, set for July 23, and holding a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga are among the possible events the two governments are looking into for her.

This is highly irregular for a First Lady to hold diplomatic meetings with a head of state, she is stepping way out of line.

As painful as this is to say, it should be Kamala Harris or Secretary of State Anthony Blinken meeting with a head of state not the first lady.

It appears that the First Lady is continuing her quest for the limelight meanwhile keeping Kamala on the sidelines. Earlier this month Jill made sure that Joe beat her to the punch using the condo disaster in Florida.

As we previously reported, on the same afternoon the news broke that Kamala was planning a solo trip to Florida, Press Secretary Jen Psaki was peppered with questions from the media asking if Biden was going to visit the collapsed building. Psaki told reporters that no trip was planned and the White House didn’t want to visit the area because it would be “pulling from local resources.”

Well, that’s all change, on July 1st Biden and the First Lady traveled to Surfside, Florida; she wasn’t going to let Kamala beat her to the punch.

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