Jim Jordan Just Flattened Biden’s Legacy – He Claims Biden’s Administration Is The “Worst In My Lifetime”

Joe Biden failed as president on day one. But it took some time for many Americans to realize that.

The fall of Afghanistan has opened the eyes of many.

Joe Biden is not a leader. He is a weak partisan fool who was only interested in his legacy.

His hasty decisions have only hurt the United States—and now, other nations.

Republican congressman Jim Jordan is calling out this failed, wannabe FDR. And he’s passing his sentence on his administration.

From Newsmax:

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told Newsmax that the administration of President Joe Biden ”has mishandled everything”…

”I don’t know one good thing this administration has done. They’ve mishandled everything,” Jordan said Monday on ”American Agenda.” ”And it has to be, and I don’t mean that because I’m a conservative Republican, but just logically looking at it, It has to be the worst start to any administration, certainly in my lifetime.”

Jim Jordan blasted Biden, saying his administration has been the “worst” his lifetime.

The Republican pointed to several key failures of the Biden administration, saying it has “mishandled” everything.

It’s hard to disagree. Biden’s policies on the border, national security, the economy, and foreign affairs have been flops.

His leadership style appears to be making a hasty, unthought-out decision, then scrambling afterward to fix the mistake.

That was the case at the border. Biden pulled Trump’s policies, and a migrant crisis erupted.

It was also the case with Biden’s handling of the economy. He hastily pushed a “stimulus” bill that both sparked massive inflation and an ongoing workers shortage.

That seemed to be the case with his vaccination plan. He put July 4 as his deadline, which he missed by a wide margin.

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And that certainly is the case with Afghanistan. Biden hastily pulled our troops at the worst moment. And now, he’s scrambling to evacuate civilians in danger.

Saying his administration is the worst might sound strong. But we haven’t seen such disasters in a very long time.

Some of us might not remember the disaster that was the Carter administration. But many say Biden is far worse.

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