Jim Jordan Sends Democrats Fleeing – He Just Supercharged 3 Major Investigations After Midterms

Many Americans believe that this year’s midterm elections will hand Congress over to Republicans. The GOP is in a good position to flip the House and perhaps gain enough seats in the Senate to reclaim the majority. Nancy Pelosi would lose the gavel and Republicans would take charge of at least the lower chamber.

If that were to happen, look out. Republicans will come storming in with a mandate to check Biden and his party. Top Republican Jim Jordan discussed this very thing. And it appears Republicans will not waste this opportunity. In fact, he is planning three investigations.

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From PJ Media:

According to Jordan, the House GOP will investigate “all the lies from the misinformation, the disinformation from [Dr.] Fauci and the CDC,”

The next investigative priority, Jordan explained, will be the border crisis…

The third priority is to investigate the “weaponization” of the Department of Justice and the use of “parts of government to go specifically against parents,” Jordan said.

Rep. Jim Jordan laid out the top three investigations he plans on conducting, if and when Republicans retake the House after the midterms. He stressed these are only the first three of what could be many investigations into Biden and his failed party. The first one on his list should surprise nobody: the investigation of Fauci and the CDC.

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Jordan wants to know why they suppressed the “lab leak theory,” and evidence of “illegal funding of gain-of-function research.” He will also demand answers for the confusion and misinformation spread by these supposedly trusted government officials.

The next investigation will be Biden’s border crisis. Jordan will demand answers over Biden’s reversal of Trump’s effective border policies. He will also look into Biden’s infamously overcrowded centers, not to mention how Biden is flying migrants all over the country.

The third investigation will focus on the Department of Justice’s “weaponizing” of resources against Americans. He seems to be specifically concerned with how the DOJ went after parents who challenged local school boards. The AG shockingly branded these Americans “domestic terrorists” after questioning the curriculum being taught to their children.

These are only the tips of the iceberg of the Biden administration’s train wreck. No doubt, Jordan will demand numerous answers for many more things.

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