Joe Biden Goes Speechless In Concerning Meeting – The President Ignores Questions Then Stares While Aides Rush Reporters Out

When Biden first entered office, people wondered where he was hiding. For months, he avoided the public, only appearing once and a while. When he finally did his first “press conference,” we learned his aides carefully controlled who asked what.

That trend has not changed. Biden most often doesn’t even answer questions. Now, it seems he’s taken to simply ignoring reporters, even liberal ones, who want a simple answer. It got really bad recently, when old Joe just stared at a reporter, as his henchmen forced out the reporters.

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President Joe Biden refuses to answer questions on Russia and Ukraine, then he stared blankly as staff ushered media out, during a meeting at the White House on 12/09/2021.

Um… is Joe Biden taking his leadership pointers from third-world dictators? We’d expect this kind of thing in Venezuela, not in the United States. But Biden’s administration has become so non-transparent, he’s using thugs to prevent reporters from asking basic questions.

Reporters have every right to ask the President of the United States questions about foreign policy. Is this just a big joke? How on earth does anyone think this kind of thing is acceptable, especially by a Democratic “president”?

We know why this happened, though. Biden’s handlers often tell him what to say. They hand-pick reporters, to make sure they only ask what they want. Because, whenever Biden has tried to answer off the cuff, it’s a major disaster.

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Clearly, his aides coached him to just not say anything. If a reporter dares ask him something he should know, he should just be quiet and let them take care of the rest.

Does anyone still believe Biden is really in charge? He looks more like a hostage being controlled by the mafia, rather than a president who knows what the heck is going on.

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