Joe Biden Just Covered Up For Nancy Pelosi – He Blames Republicans For Delay Of Signing ‘Urgent’ Infrastructure Bill

After stalling for months, Democrats scrambled last week to pass one of Biden’s spending agendas. And it had nothing to do with the fact they lost big in this year’s elections! House Democrats blocked and dragged out this process since the Summer.

Yet now, Biden claims he is delaying the signing of this “urgent” infrastructure bill because of Republicans.

From Breitbart:

President Joe Biden still has not signed his $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, citing his desire to wait until Republicans can join him for the signing ceremony…

The president told reporters Friday night he would sign the bill “soon” but said he wanted to time it right so more members of Congress could join him for the signing ceremony.

Really? Does that really matter, if this bill is so important? But, despite his claims, the real reason he’s delaying has become pretty apparent.

From Breitbart:

President Joe Biden continues delaying the signing ceremony for his infrastructure bill, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi leads a group of Democrats flying across the Atlantic to the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland.

Oh, I see. Biden blames Republicans for not signing this bill. Interestingly, no one is sure which Republicans will join him.

But, in reality, he seems to be delaying it because old Nance and her liberal cronies are jetting off to Scotland for a climate summit. Is it hypocritical to fly across the Atlantic to attend a summit about “climate change”? I guess when you’re a Democrat, your carbon emission are helping the environment?

Why is Biden delaying the signing of this bill at all? He’s been begging Congress to pass something from his bloated, socialist agenda. Finally, they scrambled to get this “bipartisan” bill passed.

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And now he’s sitting on it? Didn’t they rush to get this done last week because of how much they lost in Virginia and around the country?

Yet Biden thinks it’s fine to sit on this, so he can have a big, showy ceremony that nobody is sure to watch? That approval of yours isn’t getting any better, buddy. It’s not as if this bill is going to make that any better. But at least you can do your job, just this once.

It’s pretty shocking to watch a president crash and burn—and not do anything to stop it. Time and again, we’ve seen Biden’s decisions fail. Despite this, he has not tried to remedy any of the problems he’s caused. In fact, he continues to act in ways that baffle and outrage Americans.

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