Joe Biden Just Got A Concerning National Report – The President’s Third Quarter Falls Far Short Of Expectations For GDP

Joe Biden’s “build back better” agenda should have kicked in by now, right? It’s been almost a year since he’s entered office. So, his policies would be having an effect on us, by the third and fourth quarter. But it seems Biden won’t like the latest reports one bit.

At the start of this year, things were looking good. Despite coming out of a hellish 2020, states and businesses were coming back roaring. People were going back to work, spending money, and looking forward to a fun Summer. Now, things are looking very different. And it’s all Biden’s fault.

From Red State:

Expectations were missed by a full 25 percent, as the third quarter figure came out to just 2.0 percent growth in what is supposed to be an organic recovery. That’s down a whopping 70 percent from the 6.7 percent the country saw in the second quarter…

This follows a string of bad economic news, including the current supply-chain crisis which is only furthering the inflation issues hitting middle-class families.

The third quarter of 2021 was shockingly bad. The country only had 2.0 percent growth, after a second quarter that had 6.7%. What was the massive change? Joe Biden, that’s what. Many believe the third quarter of the year is a direct result of Biden’s economic policies coming home to roost.

Biden’s reckless “stimulus” seems to have triggered inflation, which only continued to rise over the Summer. Fears about the virus halted vacations, business growth, and other forms of spending. Then came the biggest nail in our country’s coffin—Biden’s mandate.

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By just announcing his possibly unconstitutional mandate, Biden ensured that millions of people would lose their jobs. And lose they did. Hiring slowed down as people left their jobs before the mandate was formerly issued. Biden decided to throw a grenade in our country’s recovery—for no obvious reason other than to appear right.

(And we’re not even getting into his failures on the border, energy, and the supply chain crisis.)

The results have been disastrous. A GDP of 2% is a joke. Even during major crises, we can count on our country working hard and getting the job done. Instead, Biden has frozen us in our tracks, setting us down a path of failure. Was he doing this at the command of China?

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