Joe Biden Just Turned On American Workers Gives In To Major China Investigation

For months, President Joe Biden has been pushing his “Build Back Better” plan. The idea is to prioritize infrastructure and other programs designed to help the U.S. rebound from a difficult time.

However, many are concerned that Biden isn’t as interested in domestic success as his predecessor was. The President’s refusal to allow more oil drilling in the country might be one example.

And now, it looks like he just sided with a foreign power over the U.S.

Many products are still manufactured outside the country, and China is a huge exporter of those goods. Recently, many political and economic leaders railed against this reliance on other countries.

China in particular has taken the brunt of the criticism.

And in 2021, American solar manufacturers pushed to ensure tariffs were imposed on products made by solar businesses in China.

As it turns out, these Chinese manufacturers have been dodging tariffs by moving their production to other foreign countries. Of course, this makes everything cheaper — but it can also hurt.

Biden was asked to investigate this tariff evasion but that request has been declined.

From Breitbart:

President Joe Biden’s Department of Commerce has sided with Chinese solar manufacturers who produce in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, denying a request to investigate the manufacturers for evading United States tariffs on Chinese products.

The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) CEO Michael Stumo came down hard on this decision.

Not only does he claim that it takes new jobs away from America workers, but it also casts serious doubt on BIden’s “Build Back Better” idea:

The Biden administration claims to want to Build Back Better and boost U.S. domestic manufacturing but a decision like this that only benefits the Chinese Communist Party is a serious red flag that the Build Back Better initiative is nothing more than a slogan. [Emphasis added]

Stumo reminds the public that the President promised to create 10 million new “green jobs.”

But decisions like this seem to run counter to that promise. And it also shows that we have an administration that seems unwilling to throw down the gauntlet in regards to foreign relations.

The American Solar Manufacturers Against Chinese Circumvention filed the petition to investigate in August.

They wanted the Biden administration to check on whether or not these Chinese companies were illegally dodging tariffs. They moved their production to Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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But on the other hand, 12 Senate Democrats begged Biden not to impose any tariffs.

All of this appears to highlight commitment to foreign import, and further reliance on outside manufacturing for our survival. And many wonder if previous POTUS Donald Trump would’ve allowed this to happen.

Biden critics also claim this isn’t the first time he’s put China ahead of his own country.

Given the President’s tumbling approval ratings, he might want to consider taking a harder-line stance on pushing a true “Build Back Better” plan that puts America first.

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