Joe Biden Should Be Concerned Over National Poll – Now A Majority Of Americans Think He’s In Poor Health And Want Him Out

Remember all the stuff we talked about while Joe Biden was running for president? We pointed out how often he slurred his words. The many times he made odd and out-of-place gaffes. We even revealed videos of how he needed help walking or to prevent him from wandering away.

Yet many Americans still voted for the man, convinced by the liberal media that he was perfectly fine.

This year has brought major “buyer’s remorse” for large portions of the country. Millions have suffered thanks to Biden’s poor leadership. But on top of that, they have seen even more evidence that the man is not well. And now, a new poll reveals that a majority of Americans think Biden is in a bad way.

From Just the News:

According to a poll from Politico/Morning Consult, just 40% of voters agreed that the president “is in good health,” 50% disagreed. The 10-percentage-point gap represents a 29-point shift since just over a year ago, when voters, by a 19-point margin believed Biden to be in good health.

The numbers suggest the concern about the president’s mental and physical health goes beyond his partisan detractors.

A new poll from Politico reveals that 50% of voters think Biden is in poor health. Only 40% of voters believe he is fine. That is a 29-point shift from last year, a massive drop in confidence in a man who is supposed to be leading the country.

So another poll from The Hill should not come as a surprise, although the number is sky-high. From The Hill:

A majority of voters said President Biden should make way for someone else in 2024 instead of running for re-election, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds.

Sixty-one percent of registered voters in the Nov. 9-10 survey said Biden should make way for another figure in 2024.

Are we all at surprised? Only that it’s taken this long for more Americans to see what we’ve been seeing. Just look at any recent video of old Joe. Watch how he speaks, how he moves, how he interacts with others. Does that look like a man in pink of health? Whenever he talks, he appears confused, tired, and disinterested.

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His handlers prevent the press—the liberal press—from asking questions. More often than not, Biden turns his back on reporters. When he does do interviews, it’s all carefully controlled. But when the administration lets its guard down for just a moment, we see the real Joe Biden: a man who once started talking into a podium mic, while nobody was listening.

Or does a healthy man squint grumpily at everyone he looks at?

We shouldn’t be surprised if these numbers continue to rise. It’s not as if Biden’s getting any younger. And if he is suffering from some kind of mental or physical decline, it’s going to get harder and harder for the Democrats to cover up.

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