Joe Biden’s Approval Sinks To Eye-Popping Low – The President’s Floor Just Went Down To A Record 35%

Just how bad do things have to get before Joe Biden wakes up? We joke a lot about him, saying he’s “Sleepy Joe.” But we’re honestly not sure if he’s even aware of what’s going on.

Since entering office last year, the man has incited one disaster after another. If this month’s jobs report is any indication, we are surely not headed in the right direction.

Biden’s mounting mistakes have resulted in a historically-bad approval. Despite support from the MSM, Biden has seen his approval among Americans drop over the last year. Now, it’s a new year. So, how is Biden doing? He’s managed to reach a new low.

From Breitbart:

Only 35 percent of respondents approved of President Joe Biden’s job performance, according to the CIVIQS rolling job approval average.

Biden also received record-high (56 percent) disapproval from the poll, with nine percent having no opinion. The poll showed Biden with net approval of negative 20. This comes as Biden has been in office just less than a year and has dealt with a host of problems so far: a supply chain crisis, record-high inflation, and botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Democrats might dismiss a news site like ours, saying we are biased in our criticism of Biden. But how do they explain away shockingly low approval numbers, and from mainstream pollsters? The latest CIVIQS approval poll gives Biden an embarrassing 35% approval.

That obviously includes rejection by Democrat and independent voters. The worst approval comes, shockingly, from young voters at 27%. This is a group that usually supports liberals. But they are the ones who appear to be hurt the most by Biden’s economic failures, as they are just entering a tough job field.

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Both men and women reject Biden, with 62% and 50% disapproval respectively.

This isn’t a fluke poll, we may remind you. Biden has been falling since the Summer. His numbers have declined, without even a glimmer that they can come back up. There is no mystery about this. Even as his numbers dropped, Biden pushed unpopular decisions that jeopardized Americans’ jobs.

Even as the writing was on the wall, he continue to push ahead with a doomed agenda. Maybe this proves he is, in fact, a puppet for the left. He is blindly obeying them, rather than adapting after seeing his plans flop. But even then, you’d expect his handlers to switch gears.

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