Joe Manchin Floors Biden On Supreme Court – The Senator Says He Would Stop Second Pick Close To 2024 Election

Joe Manchin has been a thorn in Biden’s side since day one. The “president” overstepped his bounds when he tried to upstage Manchin in his own home state. Since that time, Manchin has been strongly critical of Biden’s far-left agenda. And he’s shut down several of Biden’s worst bills. But it doesn’t seem he’s done yet spoiling Biden’s socialist schemes.

Biden was hoping his replacement of Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court would help his party. It hasn’t. Even before he’s announced a nominee, Americans aren’t impressed. Perhaps Democrats are hoping another Supreme Court pick (if one arises) could help Biden, come 2024. But Joe Manchin just shut that talk down.

From The Hill:

Centrist Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) on Monday said he would not support confirming another nominee selected by President Biden for the Supreme Court immediately before the 2024 presidential election, clarifying remarks he’d made earlier about the midterm elections…

“If it comes a week or two weeks before like it did with our last Supreme Court nominee, I think that’s a time it should go to the next election,” he said.

Joe Manchin revealed he would not support another Supreme Court pick if it happens before the 2024 Election. This is yet another moment where the moderate Democrat throws a wrench in the left’s plans. And it casts doubt on his support of the actual Supreme Court nominee, should Biden announce one soon.

Rumors swirl over whom Biden will pick to replace Stephen Breyer. Many on the left demand he picks a radical activist who will support “criminal justice reform.” Which, of course, is code for defunding the police and emptying out the prisons. If Biden goes ahead with an extremist for the bench, he might not be able to count on Manchin.

Manchin has long opposed Biden’s far-left agenda because he represents a red state. The senator can’t count on voters’ support if he goes ahead with Biden’s suicidal plans for America. Even his comments that he would not back a second pick right before the 2024 Election is his way of thumbing his nose at Joe and the liberal establishment.

If he’s willing to go that far, he might shut down Biden’s pick, if that person is too far left.

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