Josh Hawley Scores Victory on Capitol Hill – America’s Daughters Will Not Be Forced To Register for The Draft

Democrats have been fighting to radically change our country. Often in ways nobody was expecting. Biden’s pending socialist spending bill will put millions of Americans on welfare and damage many industries. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg of what the left is trying to do.

Fighting has been going on in Congress over the latest defense bill. Democrats were ignoring major threats to our country. Meanwhile, they were trying to slip in a change that would put all young women at risk. But, in a major victory for conservatives, a female draft will never see the light of day.

From Daily Wire:

After opposition led by Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), the House and Senate Armed Services Committees have dropped a provision from the final version of the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act that would have required American women over the age of 18 to register for the military draft.

Thanks largely to Sen. Hawley, the female draft has been removed from the latest defense bill. If this had been passed, all women between the ages of 18 to 25 would have been required to register with Selective Services. Although not done in a generation, if the country called up the draft, women could have been forced into military service.

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Hawley and other conservatives fought this measure because they actually believed it was restrictive to women’s rights. As it stands today, a woman can voluntarily join a branch of the military and serve. Nobody is stopping a woman who wants to fight for her country. But the draft would force a woman to give up their life to potentially die on the battlefield.

In past generations, that would have been unthinkable. Most women would rather live a civilian life, raising a family or contributing to our communities. Why should they be added to the draft, when most men don’t want to be included? Our country hasn’t used the draft since the Vietnam War, because it’s so unpopular.

Why were we even discussing adding women to it?

Is this what the left calls “progress”? I doubt most Americans would agree.

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