Joy Behar Has Figured Out Why Kamala Is Getting So Much Bad Press And It’s AMAZINGLY STUPID

Joy Behar, who never met a Trump conspiracy she didn’t want to fornicate with on TV, says the recent story on Kamala’s VP office being a toxic work environment doesn’t pass the smell test or something:

This is so rich. Behar dismisses the story as meaningless and actually refers to Politico as right-wing, saying “and Politico is um, they pretty much go right so I don’t trust it.” Since when has Politico every ‘gone right’??? That’s the biggest bunch of hooey I’ve in a while, and that’s saying something because Joe Biden puts a lot out there.

But that’s not all. She also claims that the right only really goes after Kamala because she’s black, and doesn’t criticize Joe Biden that much because he’s white, and that by criticizing him we’re criticizing ourselves or something:

“You know, what’s interesting is that this will be used by the right wing to attack the Biden administration. And isn’t it interesting that they go after a black woman. They don’t go after a white guy, Joe Biden, as much because Joe Biden looks like the base on the right. He looks like them. So that’s hard for them to like get mad at him because then they get mad at themselves, you see. Something psychological is going on there. She doesn’t look like the base so it’s easy to go after her.”

And I thought Joe Biden was crazy. I don’t even know what that means; it makes zero sense AND it’s wrong.

The right goes after Joe Biden ALL THE TIME because he’s looney toons and everyone knows it. What the hell is Behar talking about? The only thing psychological about any of this is what’s going on in Biden’s head and what’s being spewed out of Behar’s mouth.

Kamala has been mocked and criticized by the right legitimately because she says and does stupid things. But the focus has primarily been on Biden because he’s the president and he’s constantly looking for the cheese that feel off his cracker.

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And this report about Kamala’s toxic office environment didn’t come from the right, it came from inside the White House. It came from left-wing sources and was published by Politico, a left-wing news site. Behar is simply denying reality in a YUGE way because she doesn’t want to believe the truth about Kamala’s office, and is falling back on the old race card excuse because the reality of this story makes her uncomfortable.


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