JUST-IN: If Trump’s REELECTED In 2024 There Will Be CIVIL WAR! WATCH

Fiona Hill is an ex-George Bush and Obama admin official. Trump kept her for a while, but then she showed her real face and was an anti-Trump member of the DC machine.

Hill testified on Trump’s first impeachment hearing, and now she stated that if Trump is reelected in 2024, we will witness a Civil War.

What she says is only a pure projection. How do we know that? Well, she says that Trump can’t accept the outcome of the 2020 election.

Real Clear Politics shared transcript:

Fiona Hill: A Trump Victory In 2024 Will Be Seen As “Illegitimate,” Could Start An “Open Civil War”

HOOVER: You have said that if Donald Trump makes a triumphant return to the presidency in 2024, quote, “democracy’s done.” What do you mean by that?

HILL: What I mean by that is that he is basically trying to come back again on the basis of a lie. He has repudiated the outcome of the 2020 election, and yet he’s expecting, you know, to be reelected in 2024. So that is the main thesis, that’s the man propelling force behind his bid for reelection. So just that basic fact of how he is campaigning is in itself a massive problem because he is rejecting the democratic system and the outcome of the 2020 election.

HOOVER: Do you believe, though, in the scenario where he runs again in ‘24 and is justly elected, democratically elected through the Electoral College, that his presence in the White House means democracy is done?

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