Kamala Finally Heads To Fix The Border – But She’s Trying To Protect The Wrong One Not America’s But Ukraine’s

Kamala Harris has not been the “stellar” vice president the media promised she’d be. From all appearances, she has been a failure. Whatever tasks Biden has given her, she’s refused to do. She’s embarrassed herself as many times as Biden. And she is suffering from a worse approval than Joe.

Her biggest flop was her work on the border. She never visited our border, nor did she do anything to address the millions flooding over it. But now, she suddenly seems worried about a border. But not America’s. She actually flew to Europe to whine about problems in another country.

From Zero Hedge:

But despite the Kremlin early this week asserting it’s begun to draw down some units from near the border, the White House has disputed this, instead saying signs point to a continued addition of forces…

Meanwhile, also in attendance at the Munich Security Conference for her first bilateral meeting is Vice President Kamala Harris – an interesting choice for the White House to send in such a crisis to put it mildly, given we can’t imagine this will strike much fear into Moscow, or alternately much confidence in NATO allies.

She warned the Russians in her first bilateral meeting at the conference that any “aggressive action will met with “severe consequences” of economic sanctions.

Oh, I’m sure Putin is shaking in his boots. What is Harris going to do to Russia if they invade Ukraine? Laugh at them to death? Harris warned that Putin would face “severe consequences” if he attacked the foreign country. But does anyone believe her?

Biden doesn’t even want to put sanctions on Iran, a country that is an actual threat to America. Do we really think he or Harris is going to resist Putin? This is the same administration that let Biden say he wouldn’t do anything if Russia assaulted Ukraine. We sincerely doubt Harris will do anything that can stop Putin from invading.

That is if the man is even planning on it, anymore. Some evidence suggests all the mobilizing along the Ukraine border was just for show. Russia claims they have been withdrawing troops. On the other hand, Russia has called up the reserves and it loos like they were actually sending more troops when they said they were withdrawing.

Biden and Harris keep hyping up an invasion by Russia into Ukraine. Even if Russia is planning something, do you think Biden or Harris will actually do anything about it other than empty guestures?

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