Kamala Gets Snubbed By Her Own White House Announcer – She Steps Up To Podium And He Skips Her Introduces Union Activist Instead

How irrelevant is Kamala Harris in her own administration? Well, since entering office, the woman has yet to distinguish herself in any way. The jobs Biden has given her to do have been left unfinished. She was tasked to handle the border—yeah, that was a big swing-and-miss.

Rumors have swirled that the administration is trying to sideline the Democrat. She is no longer considered Biden’s future successor. Don’t believe us? How about you check out this recent event. Kamala was supposed to go up to speak. Instead, they announced someone else!

From Twitter:

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And more from Fox News:

Harris appeared to be passed over at the White House signing ceremony, with the event announcer introducing union political activist Heather Kurtenbach as the vice president stood at the podium…

The snub is very likely a flub, but it nevertheless served as a metaphor for Harris’ current travails, coming just a day after a CNN report that her office is facing internalized dysfunction and an absence of focus and that President Biden’s aides were fed up with hers.

Oh, my! How embarrassing. Soon after word comes out that the administration is pushing Harris out, she is literally skipped over when she appears at the podium. The White House announcer reads the name of “Heather Kurtenbach” a union head who attended the event, instead of Harris.

It may have been a “flub,” but it seems to be carrying some symbolic significance. Word continues to swirl that there is infighting between Biden and Harris’s offices. The VP office is falling apart thanks to rampant dysfunction and a lack of leadership. Biden’s office, meanwhile, is growing increasingly frustrated with Harris’s inability to deliver results.

Harris has been largely absent from the administration over recent months, especially during major moments of crisis. She wasn’t by Joe’s side as he failed in Afghanistan—she was instead, overseas. She didn’t back Biden when he issued his disastrous mandate—she was making a bizarre NASA video with child actors.

And she hasn’t been around as inflation rages, the supply chain buckles, and Democrats lost big in this year’s elections. She was, you guessed it, overseas.

We shouldn’t be all that surprised that she was snubbed during this event. It may have been a mistake, but a mistake that showed even the White House announcer didn’t know she was going to be there. She has become so insignificant to this administration, she’s not even on the list.

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