Kamala Goes ‘Deer In Headlights’ At 2024 Question – After Long Pause Harris Answers With A Straight-Up Dodge

The future of the Biden/Harris presidency has always been in question. It seems some voters expected Biden to be in office only long enough to let Harris take the reins.

If not before 2024, then surely she would be taking over then. But after only a year, the administration is a failure. Harris herself is suffering from staggeringly bad approval numbers.

Biden has already vowed to run again in 2024—a premature promise at best. Harris has been on the record for saying she never spoke with Biden about the next election.

That didn’t stop a reporter from recently asking her about the administration’s 2024 plans. Her response will tell you everything you need to know about this presidency. From Twitter:

REPORTER: “Are we going to see the same Democrat ticket in 2024?”

HARRIS: “[long pause] I’m sorry but we are thinking about today”

Yikes, that is bad. Just looking at Harris’ face tells you this administration is totally clueless. She was so unprepared for that question, you wonder if she knows about anything that is going on.

The pause was so long, you wouldn’t be dismissed in wondering if she was waiting for an answer from someone through an earpiece.

Her dodge was clumsy and meaningless. She claims the administration isn’t planning for 2024, but focusing on the issues “today.” Uh… really?

The administration has failed to deal with a single problem plaguing the country for over a year. Harris herself did not fix the border crisis, which by the way, continues to this day.

What is Biden actually doing to help “today”? He failed to get his own goal done last year, the passage of a massive socialist spending bill. He and his administration spent so much time on that bloated bill, they neglected inflation, a fuel price crisis, the supply chain backlog, the worker shortage, and more.

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He couldn’t even provide enough testing for most states. What is this administration even doing?

Things are getting so bad, one liberal recommended Biden pick someone else for his running mate.

From NY Post:

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman was ruthlessly mocked on social media Wednesday after he floated the possibility that President Biden could dump Vice President Kamala Harris and select Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) as his running mate in 2024.

LOL, really? Are things getting so bad that liberal writers are making the silliest suggestions imaginable? Why not pick Big Bird to be his running mate? I think the Sesame Street character would do a better job as VP than Harris or Cheney.

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