Kamala Harris Goes Begging To Hillary Clinton – The Vice-President Thinks Hillary Can Turn Her Popularity Around

It’s no secret Kamala Harris has a worse approval than Joe Biden. That’s pretty hard to do, given Biden is around 36% approval by now. But it seems that Harris has done absolutely the right thing to fail worse, which is nothing at all. Harris just might be the least popular vice president we’ve ever had.

So, what could an embattled VP do to improve her image? If you asked most Americans, they’d say she should just do her job. Work hard to solve the border crisis and offer solutions to at least a few of our nation’s ongoing crises.

But no, she’ll just go ask a 2-time failure for help.

From the Daily Mail:

For guidance she has sought out for Clinton, who lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump, and famously once complained about a ‘right wing conspiracy’ against her.

The former senator from New York who served as secretary of state under Barack Obama said Harris isn’t being treated equally.

‘There is a double standard; it’s sadly alive and well,’ the told the New York Times.

How sad. With sinking approval numbers and no record of success to speak of “Vice President” Harris sought the help of Hillary Clinton. I guess she didn’t want real solutions, just ways to blame other people for her failures. And that’s exactly what Clinton gave her.

You know, it really doesn’t do much for women’s rights when these top female “leaders” blame everything and everyone under the sun for their failures. Clinton did that when she lost to Trump. And now, Harris is accusing the liberal media of not treating her the same as white men.

Yeah… we believe that!

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The reason Harris’s numbers are so bad is because she has failed to do anything this year to help the country. She has hidden during major crises, like the fall of Afghanistan. She did not fix the border crisis, which still rages.

And when she is asked simple questions, she laughs like a fool.

She is so bad at being a politician, she sought the help of a woman who lost the presidential race twice. What can you say about a VP like that? Maybe, if she was trying to provide actual solutions to our problems, we would respect her.

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