Kamala Harris Just Suffered A Major Loss – For The 2nd Time In Just Days Adviser Symone Sanders Abandons Her

We learned not that long ago that Kamala Harris’ office is far from well-managed. Surprise, surprise.

Reports now suggest that it is in total disarray, with top staff mistreating other employees. This has apparently been a pattern with Harris, whose Senate office was not much better.

Other rumors suggested that the problem is so bad, President Biden and his staff are losing patience with her. There appears to be a feud going on between the two offices—and the fallout is coming out in public.

Two top staffers just left the administration. Now, yet another member of Harris’ communication staff is abandoning ship. From Fox News:

Symone Sanders, a senior adviser to Vice President Harris and her chief spokesperson, will depart at the end of the year, in a sign of growing turmoil within the office…

Sanders is the second top Harris aide to announce her departure in less than a month. Just two weeks ago, it emerged that Harris Communications Director Ashley Etienne had resigned.

Well, look at that. Yet another member of the White House’s communications teams has resigned. And less than two weeks since the first two left! This time around, it was Harris’ top comms director, Symone Sanders.

Of course, the White House is keeping tight-lipped about why this person, who worked with this team for three years, is suddenly departing. But word is, she had originally wanted to be the White House press secretary. Not getting that role apparently stung deep.

It was, perhaps, only a matter of time before she left.

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What we do know for sure is that Harris’ office is a mess. And apparently, the White House communications department is the worst part. After all, they have the unpleasant job of trying to sell Biden’s toxic agenda to the public.

Imagine trying to explain what Biden is doing to the media and country. I’m surprised the rest of them haven’t quit by now.

Sanders first moved to D.C. to be far-left Sen. Bernie Sanders press secretary for his campaign. It appears she was one of the many Bernie staffers that took over Biden’s campaign when he got the nomination. And probably one of many who are running his administration into the ground.

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