Kamala Harris Just Went Off The Rails – The Vice-President Claims Her Biggest Failure Is Not Enough Travel

The Vice-President’s approval ratings are in the tank—somehow they’re even lower than President Biden’s. Kamala Harris seems to fail at every job given to her, from the border, to being the last in the room in Afghanistan, to so many other things.

But in an interview where she was being handled with kid gloves by the mainstream media, Harris was asked what her biggest failure has been.

And her answer showed her complete lack of awareness, or her refusal to be honest with the American people.

From Fox News:

Here’s some of Fox contributor Tammy Bruce’s response:

Afghanistan didn’t come up. The economy didn’t come up, crime didn’t come up, supporting the rioters with the Rioter Bail Fund didn’t come up. So… It’s interesting that the American people will see this as they’ve seen with her, which is spin, and at the same time, she’s visited, I think, half a dozen countries. She’s visited multiple states and cities, usually to do campaigning for Joe Biden or to go help Gavin Newsom…

But what this tells you is, I have to say, is that and she laughed, obviously again. But she also said in part of that interview, she said…I’m really paraphrasing here, but she said, ‘I’m being serious.’

We agree, Tammy. Kamala needs to get a grip. She laughs about her answer, and then says she’s being serious. The American people are watching as this administration’s policies have affected their pocketbooks, the safety of their streets, and America’s international standing.

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Under Donald Trump and Mike Pence, Democrats constantly hammered Republicans for their “bad” economic and safety policies, even though America under Trump was prosperous, energy-independent and fairly safe.

So the Democrats take over, and what do they do? They immediately create all the things they were complaining about.

If these comments from the Vice-President don’t convince Americans that Democrats are the wrong people for the job, then what will?

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